EVENT DESIGN sets the stage for the celebration.

In live events, we lead where others follow. You have an idea? We can bring your idea to life. MWE, Inc is known for combining creative design and world-class entertainment to create unforgettable experiences. We execute in a way that is true to your vision and cost effective. We know that every little detail will affect how your guest will feel, so at MWE, Inc., we focus our energy making sure every single thing is just right.


Our design and production services cover all aspects of live event production:

  • Concept Creation

  • Creative Direction

  • We believe that no two events are the same, especially when imagination is invited. 


The right venue goes a long way toward setting the tone for an event, but it’s the design that allows us to create atmosphere, alter perception and set the stage for something spectacular. Our event designs can transform any venue into something unique and fresh. We use the latest technology in 3D CAD to create virtual design tours to walk you through your event step by step.


MWE, Inc uses a team approach in working with clients to design and produce the best proposal consistent with the goals and the mission of the organization. On larger events, we add experienced professionals to our team with whom we have strong alliances. We maintain collaborative relationships with top professional in a range of disciplines to provide specialized expertise where needed.