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In Tlanextli Tlacopan

The phrase "In Tlanextli Tlacopan" is a Nahuatl term meaning "In the Splendor of Tlacopan" in English. Our group is named such because our Aztec/Mexica traditions come from the neighborhood of Tlacopan, known today as Tacuba in Mexico City, Mexico.  Our traditional dances represent the splendor of our Aztec/Mexica culture and heritage. Through these dances, we honor our Mexica ancestors and preserve our historical and cultural Mexica


Our group is a family-based one, composed mainly of Tellez Family members. We have learned and practiced the tradition of Aztec Dancing or La Danza Azteca since we were children and we continue to participate in important Aztec/Mexica ceremonies throughout Mexico.  For us, the tradition of LaDanza Azteca is both ceremonial and a way of life.

Our dances are stories that speak to the wisdom of our peoples.  Through our dances, we respect the natural beauty surrounding us.  For example, our dances honor elements such as the four cardinal directions, the sun, wind and mother earth.  An important creation-story told through our dances is called Xiuhcoatl or the Serpent of Fire.  The dance-story of Xiuhcoatl speaks of our peoples' re-birth and the welcoming of the younger generation.


Our group's mission is to share and educate the greater public of our rich history.  We want people to know the splendor of the Aztec/Mexica peoples is alive and well and not a myth from the past.  By sharing our traditional dances with you, we hope you can become part of that experience.

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