Vic Moraga

Californian Vic Moraga is an award winning songwriter, accomplished vocalist, and a talented guitarist. His music has been described as “a delicate mixture of Latin fused jazz, blues, and country, proving Moraga’s ability to meld all the best together to create very powerful and moving music”.

Offering a diverse thousand plus popular cover song list, from past to present, most styles and genres, Vic Moraga arranges the right music for each engagement. He also sings Latin fused World music, (six languages). His unique approach on the guitar blends various techniques bringing a masterful and exciting delivery to every performance.

Vic Moraga's repertoire spans Classical, jazz, blues, Latin, Reggae, R/B, C/W, contemporary, and rock. His influences are Tommy Emmanuel, Eric Clapton, Elvis, Sinatra, Gipsy Kings, Ray Charles, Santana, Dave Matthews, Van Morrison, The Cars, SRV, Willie Nelson, Los Panchos, Joao Gilberto, John Mayer, Marvin Gaye, The Eagles, The Beatles, and Bach.

An innovative and prolific songwriter, Vic Moraga’s music is played over the airwaves coast-to-coast, streaming podcasts, and Xm Satellite. He's a recipient of three consecutive ASCAPLUS Awards, and the first place winner of the "USA Songwriting Competition" for "I Wish I Had A Fish". He has recorded three CD's garnering critic’s praise --“Born Ready”, “Cool Kind of Loving”, and “The Five Alley Cats and Me”. In 2016 Vic Moraga was voted by “Number One Music” (N1M), as the 11th top singer/ songwriter in the USA.

Currently, Vic Moraga is performing weekly, coaching music, preparing for a new music recording, summer tour, and a collaborative Children’s book and music project.

Call Me - Vic Moraga
Demo 1 - Vic Moraga Solo
Demo 2 - The Moraga Band
The Highways - Vic Moraga