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Caribbean Jems

Based in Southern California, Caribbean Jems specializes in dances from Africa and the Caribbean . They are famous for performing dances such as the Marketplace dance, the Bed of Nails dance, the Broken Glass dance, the Fire Eating dance, and Limbo dance.  The group also provides Stilt Walking Entertainment featuring Girls parading in traditional Caribbean Carnival Costumes. 


The group was founded in 2001 by the Director Edward Olive, and Artistic Director, Joy Ann Martin-Olive.  Caribbean Jems has had stage performances with many local and internationally recognized Caribbean and American artists.

Each dancer is highly trained in many forms of dance which include Jazz, Modern, and Hip-Hop.  They are also experienced in ethnic and world dance forms such as Belly Dance, Polynesian Dance, Middle-Eastern Dance, Caribbean Dance, Brazilian Dance and West African Dance.They all continue to study various dance forms and are involved with other dance companies in Southern California.


Caribbean Jems wows audiences with their vibrant costumes and unique high energy dances.  They perform to popular Caribbean music such as Calypso, Soca, and Reggae.  We also dance to live music such as - African Drums or Steel Pan Band.  

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