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Chuck Milligan

Looking for stage comedy? Comedy stage hypnotist Chuck Milligan is the your answer! Your reputation rides on the events you are planning. You cannot afford to gamble with your entertainment, you only have one night to get it right. A performance by stage comedy hypnotist Chuck Milligan will guarantee your event is a successful and entertaining one. All stage comedy hypnotist programs are tailored to fit your audience. You will select and edit all routines in the comedy hypnotist show (you don't need surprises on event night).


Most comedy stage hypnotists claim their hypnosis show is fast paced - but are they? Chuck Milligan Milligan will do over 20 comedy act routines in an average comedy hypnosis show while others will present 10 to 15 shows in the same time. Chuck Milligan's philosophy is "don't' give them time to stop laughing". All of Chuck Milligan's comedy stage hypnosis routines have accompanying music and sound effects to give the program a total show quality.


Hire experience; Chuck Milligan has been entertaining audiences with hypnosis for over 15 years. He is an absolute master at entertaining the audience while always maintaining the dignity of the volunteers. The audience, will enjoy but the volunteers will have an incredible time

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