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Face Painter

Our face painters use a special makeup specifically designed for use on the skin, often called aqua based theatrical makeup. These are high quality water based brands from the US and Europe. They are cosmetic grade face paints, which have been researched for safety and hypoallergenic and are compliant with safety standards (such as FDA and International Agencies like the EU). It is removed simply with soap and water. 


Upholding a high standard of hygiene we use one sponge per child, clean water for each child and antibiotic wash for brushes. Airbrush supplies are all cleaned with 99% alcohol. We are neat and tidy and will always leave the location in good condition.


Having A Fantasy Brush face painter at your event will take no time as we take care of everything. We even come with table and chairs. There will be happy faces on children enjoying their fantasies come true.


Face painting is not just about putting paint on the body, it is an interactive creative experience that fosters joy and warmth through the gentle touch of A Fantasy Brush. There is nothing like putting a smile on a child's face!

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