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Henna & Bindi

Exotic flavors greet you as you enter the world of Henna Art and Bindi forehead jewels. This combination of Traditional India body adornment make you and look feel like a princess. The extraordinary Beautiful Indian Jewels are strategically placed on the forehead of Women’s of all ages.  Pick from a wide variety of colorful jewels.


Bindi on forehead! As old as tradition and as new as the times, the Bindi has come of age. With a change in perceptions about beauty and adornment, the aboriginal Indian Bindiya, the symbol of inner Shakti, the fabled red dot ‘kumkum’ that the women wore in the center of their forehead has now become a fashion statement. Associated with marriage and femininity, the practice of wearing a Bindi is a Vedic tradition that women follow as a conformation to the spirit of womanhood. More than a beauty spot, the manga tika (Bindi) indicates good omen and purity.  


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