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Living Statues

Our Living Statue performers create classic and unique entertainment for your event. Each performer has been trained in mime and Japanese butoh (a form of slow-motion movement and expression) to bring the statues to life. We start in stillness and then begin to interact subtly with the guests. Guests will frequently come back to "visit" the statue and have a photo taken.


We’ve found that many times people think we are "real" statues and the fun begins when they try to convince a friend that the statue winked or moved. Our statues are also able to "come alive" and move in extreme slow motion around the room, for a greater degree of interaction. We perform on raised pedestals that can be placed at an entrance as a very strong visual or within a specific setting in the cocktail, dining area or main ballroom. We also specialize in corporate work at trade shows ... to draw people into exhibits or to promote a product or company, either by wearing a logo or holding and/or demonstrating a specific product. 


We can create just about anything you can imagine ... from a window mannequin to a mechanical doll to a bronzed gorilla. Just tell us what you have in mind and we’ll help you create it.

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