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Mariachi Nuevo Cuicatlan

Everything started with the idea of getting a group of individuals together to remember and practice old songs, happy polkas and Pasos Dobles that are not usually played anymore. The process was difficult, but nevertheless this endeavor became a reality and is now Mariachi Cuicatlán.  Even though Mariachi Cuicatlán has only been together for a short period of time, they have the firm mentality of reaching the level of the most prestigious mariachi groups in the United States. Mariachi Cuicatlán is composed of talented musicians ranging in age from 17 to 30. Some of its members have shared the stage with Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán, Mariachi Cobre, and Mariachi Los Camperos; some have also attended several National and International Mariachi Conferences like the Encuentro Internacional del Mariachi y la Charrería in Guadalajara, and the famous Tucson’s International Mariachi Conference among others. Despite their short time being together, these talented groups of musicians have had the privilege to be accompanist of renowned recording artists such as legendary singer and guitarist Jose Feliciano and four-time Grammy nominee Albita.


Their name,  ‘Cuicatlán”, comes from the Nahuatl language meaning “Land of Song”. Using this as an inspiration for their music, Mariachi Cuicatlán is determined to emphasize the preservation, education, and exposure of what is truly  mariachi music.

A medias de la noche - Mariachi Nuevo Cuicatlan
Cercas del mar - Mariachi Nuevo Cuicatlan
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