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Monte Revolta

Monte Revolta, the irreverent hilarious lounge singer has crawled from his crypt to creepily croon to your guests.  He is a  backed by his well dressed undead band, gore-geous gogo dancers and dwarf of the dead assistant "Rotly".  This frightfully fun band takes a chainsaw to classic tunes and modern hits then stitch it all together again. This creates they're own Revolting Franken-Steined versions.  This ghoulish show is sure to have the guests rocking to they’re death and rotting in the aisles.  Monte’s zombie spectacular is packed with killer horror film tributes, raucous morbid comedy and mischievous mayhem.  Of course you can always expect a few surprises from the most shocking front man to ever crawl from the grave.


This is a night you’ll never forget…and possibly never survive!


So get ready for the ultimate Halloween experience from beyond the grave...It's Monte Revolta And His Band Of The Living Dead!  

Beautiful People Are Strange - Monte Revolta
Lets Thriller - Monte Revolta
Hell's Grinning Ghosts - Monte Revolta
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