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ROBOSTILTS is a highly visual, luminescent and dynamic performance ensemble that is taking the planet by storm.  ROBOSTILTS combines glowing futuristic costuming, props and stilt walking, innovative concepts and impressive skill to create awe inspiring and original entertainment.  Imagine an alien invasion of intergalactic circus performers.  Imagine incredible beings from another planet, half man, half machine, a whole lot of fun, and over TEN FEET TALL.  Imagine…ROBOSTILTS!

ROBOSTILTS light up the stage by performing stunningly visual and highly energetic acrobatic stilt walking routines to vibrant music while manipulating and juggling extra large and inventive props, glowing objects, gigantic hoops, and innovative musical instruments. They also move through crowds with ease and agility, able to interact and amaze with other worldly displays of stilt acrobatics and juggling.  These intergalactic beings communicate with an amplified electronic voice modulating system that enables them to create thousands of vocal and sound effects to accompany their movement and enhance their already commanding presence. 

ROBOSTILTS are able to directly interact with your audience and teach the skills they demonstrate in their performances.  From juggling to jump roping and balancing and stilt walking, ROBOSTILTS workshops are an amazing way to inspire group interaction for audiences of all ages.
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